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Belden's new railway approved data cables for Gigabit Ethernet networks

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article image Belden introduces new railway approved data cable for use in Gigabit Ethernet networks

Belden Australia  announces the introduction of the new railway-approved, high performance Ethernet Gigabit data cables to its comprehensive range of cables, connectors, switches, routers and firewalls designed for mission critical railway and mass transit applications.  

The new Belden BE43800 data cables are a range of shielded, halogen-free Cat 5e Ethernet cables that meet high railway industry standards, enabling fast, reliable communications and enhanced system performance in railway, transportation and city transit systems.  

Belden BE43800 data cables are approved to international railway standards for safety and security.  

Reliably delivering real time information for operators and passengers on-board as well as in terminals and control rooms, Belden’s new highly specialised data cables are particularly suitable for use in Gigabit Ethernet networks in rolling stock onboard applications for monitoring, recording and control systems, multimedia passenger information and entertainment as well as train control management systems.  

Product manager Louise Wild says that the new Gigabit Ethernet data cables are highly suited for use in the rail passenger transport industry to support expanding communications networks.  

The shift to Gigabit Ethernet data cables has been necessitated by the increased demand from passengers for improved comfort and safety on board trains as well as access to actual travel-related information such as arrival times, connecting points and multimedia services including internet access and infotainment.   

Both BE43800 Gigabit Ethernet data cables and Belden BE43769 100 Mbps data cables offer excellent mechanical resistance and a small bending radius for optimal installation within limited space applications.  

The data cables can be used in temperatures ranging between -40ºC and +90ºC in a variety of applications. Signal integrity is assured through high screen coverage in combination with Belden’s Beldfoil technology.  

The cables are fully compatible with M12 connectors for field installable or pre-moulded cable assemblies.

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