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Belden releases new Blue Hose cable

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Belden Blue Hose cable is a robust physical media for the transmission of PLC/DCS signals across the factory floor. A wide variety of Blue Hose constructions are available, allowing for installation flexibility unlike any other family of industrial communication cables.
Control Layer Applications
Blue Hose cables are typically utilized in the Control Layer, handling a wide range of automation and control data on the same cable. Examples include:
    PLC Processor Interlocking
    Peer-To-Peer Messaging
    Remote Programming
    I/O Updates

The needs of real-time, high-throughput industrial applications such as automotive transfer lines,
paint shops, assembly lines, sectional conveyors, water/wastewater processing, food processing
and pharmaceutical production can be routinely met by the control network and the use of
Belden Blue Hose cable.
Cable Attributes
Backed by years of research and development, each Belden Blue Hose cable is manufactured to exacting quality standards. An overview of attributes pertaining to Blue Hose Standard cable follows:
  Blue PVC Jacket
  NEC CM CL2, UL 2464, 300V, C(UL) CM
  Conductor: 20 AWG (7x28) tinned copper
  Insulation: Polyethylene, colored Clear & Blue
  Insulation O.D.: 0.076
  Shield: Overall Beldfoil® with tinned copper
  drain wire and 55% tinned copper braid
  Jacket: PVC, 80°C
  Nominal Cable O.D.: 0.238
  Nominal Impedance: 78 ohms
  Nominal Velocity of Propagation: 66%
  Nominal Capacitance: 19.7pF/ft, 64.6 pF/m
  Nominal Attenuation:

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