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Belden offers IndustrialTuff ControlBus cables

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Belden has introduced IndustrialTuff ControlBus cables for the high-speed, time-critical operation of ControlNet factory-floor systems. Belden IndustrialTuff ControlBus Low-Loss Coax Cables are ideal for time-critical ControlNet Applications.
About ControlNet
ControlNet is a high-speed, serial communication system that provides for a time-critical exchange of information between complex control devices such as programmable logic controllers, HMIs and PC-based controllers. ControlNet operates in a totally deterministic and predictable manner, allowing the various devices and controllers on the network to communicate at a precise and pre-determined point in time.
ControlNet Features:
A ControlNet network can support up to 48 nodes at a bus speed of 5Mbit/sec on a total      end-to-end distance of 250m. The bus topology can be star, tree, bus, or any combination of the three. The time delay throughout the system and a maximum end-to-end distance of 30+ km, represent the only limiting factors on the number of repeaters that can be used.
Although ControlNet uses a larger bandwidth than other automation and control networks, ControlNet does not function as a traditional broadband network. In a ControlNet system, the network devices and controllers are expected to communicate/operate at a pre-determined point in time and for a specific length of time. Broadband communication networks differ in that the communication efforts take place when the network has room for the communication.
Because ControlNet is deterministic, it is robust and capable enough for industrial time-critical applications. This core philosophy of the system also requires that signal transmission be uncorrupted and high speed. Therefore, choosing an approved tested and conformant Low-Loss RG-6 made especially for ControlNet systems from Belden is important for maximum system performance.
Quad-Shielded ControlBus Coaxial Cables
Belden IndustrialTuff ControlBus Low-Loss coax cables for ControlNet applications incorporate a Duobond IV Quad Shield for maximum signal integrity and run length. All products are sweep tested, ensuring that Return Loss, and other critical performance features, meet the requirements of the ControlNet physical layer specification. ControlBus cables can be supplied with a CPE jacket and/or armor. Belden also manufactures variations of the cable for different applications, environments, and identification purposes.

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