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Belden offers Industrial Fieldbus Cables

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Belden has offered Industrial Fieldbus Cables. Belden HS1 twisted pair cables provide two-way communication between multi-functional field devices and high-speed networks. Belden Industrial Ethernet cables are for reliable data transmissions at the control backbone.
Belden Industrial Fieldbus Cables
About ISA SP-50 Fieldbus:
Fieldbus is an all-digital, serial, two-way communications protocol (HS1) that standardizes the interconnection of field devices at a communications rate of 31.25 kB/s.

The field devices are made accessible to communication networks (running at 1 or
2.5 Mb/s), through use of linking devices. Because a simple twisted pair of wires can carry the signals between the field devices and the networks, Fieldbus users can reduce the amount of I/O and control equipment (due to distribution of control into the field devices), plus they can use fewer intrinsically safe (IS) barriers, cabinets, cables and connectors. And, since the wire pair can support multiple functions within a single device (such as diagnostics, control and auto error correction), the twisted pair cable becomes the integral part of a more efficient, more reliable, and more cost-effective industrial control system.
With FOUNDATION Fieldbus, end users have the freedom to implement tightly integrated digital control based on unified system architecture (HS1) and a high-speed backbone (HSE) for plant operations. This, in turn, removes the constraints on device and sub-system interoperability.
Fieldbus HS1 Cabling Features:
The number of devices possible on a fieldbus link will vary depending on factors such as the power consumption of each device, the use of repeaters, signal attenuation, type of cable used and distance. Because of the superior features of Belden cables, however, distance limitations can be exceeded without any system enhancements or any sacrifice in system performance.
These features include: Excellent electrical characteristics, Low capacitance (for long runs), 18 and 22 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors, Polyolefin insulations, Beldfoil shields (100% shield coverage for noise immunity) and Easily identifiable orange jacket.
Fieldbus High Speed Ethernet (HSE) Cables:
Fieldbus has chosen Ethernet for HSE control backbone 100Mb/s transmissions
Special Cable Constructions:
Special constructions are available with Belden industrial cables: 600V, TC rated, Aluminum or Steel Interlocked Armor, CPE jacket or LSOH jacket, Various jacket colours, Alternate Black and White colour-coded pairs, Multi-pair Type B 22 AWG, PLTC-rated, individually and/or overall shielded and Multi-pair 18 AWG, TC-rated, individually and/or overall shielded.

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