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Belden offers Copper-Based Industrial Ethernet Cables

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article image Belden's Copper-Based Industrial Ethernet Cables

Industrial Ethernet cables available from Belden Australia are specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions present in industrial factories and plants.  

Belden’s industrial Ethernet cables offer high signal transmission integrity and consistently reliable electrical performance.  

Much superior to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Ethernet cabling, Belden’s Category 6, Enhanced Cat 5e and Cat 5e copper-based cables are built to withstand the harsh conditions and mechanical stresses of industrial environments.  

The industrial-grade cables provide better stable electrical performance with less attenuation and greater resistance to EMI/RFI.  

Key features of Belden’s industrial Ethernet cables: 

  • Protection against penetration and degradation by solvents, oils, chemicals and moisture
  • Resistance to UV radiation and temperature variations
  • Superior mechanical stability to withstand pulling forces, abrasion, crushing, cut-through and burial
  • MSHA mining approval
  • Red jackets designating safety network

Belden's patented Bonded-Pair technology in their DataTuff cables affixes the conductor insulation of the cable pairs along their longitudinal axes to ensure that no performance-impacting gaps can develop between the conductor pairs.  

As a result, the conductor-to-conductor spacing or concentricity is always uniform, ensuring excellent and consistently reliable electrical performance even after the rigours of installation. Belden calls this unique capability in their Ethernet cables, Installable Performance.  

Belden’s industrial Ethernet cables: 

DataTuff Category 6, Enhanced 5e and 5e Cables  

  • Unshielded and shielded Bonded-Pair cables with heavy-duty, oil- and UV-resistant jackets
  • Many are Ethernet/IP compliant
  • Upjacketed and armoured versions are available for the most extreme areas

Category 6 DataTuff Twisted Pair Cables 

  • 4-pair, Bonded-Pair cables
  • Heavy-duty sunlight and oil-resistant jackets

Enhanced Category 5e DataTuff Twisted Pair Cables 

  • 2-pair and 4-pair Bonded-Pair cables

Category 5e DataTuff Twisted Pair Cables 

  • 2-pair and 4-pair cables
  • Heavy-duty sunlight and oil-resistant jackets

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