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Belden Offers Wide Range of UL Instrumentation and Control Cables

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Belden Australia  offers an extensive range of UL instrumentation cables and control cables to suit diverse applications and environments.  

300V power-limited tray instrumentation installation comprises of cables with soft annealed bare or tinned copper conductors and PVC flame-retardant insulations and jackets.  

Constructions with PVC/ PVC with three or more conductors and 20 AWG or larger conductors may also be used for direct burial installations.  

Optionally, Belden offers several insulation and jacket combinations including PVC insulated and PVC jacketed instrumentation cables with a PLTC-ER (Exposed Run) rating.  

Per NEC Article 725, a PLTC-ER rated cable may be installed in industrial establishments between a cable tray and the utilisation equipment or device without the use of a conduit.  

An ER-rated cable must meet the crush and impact requirements of armoured cables such as the UL Type MC cables.  

PLTC-ER rated cables eliminate the need for metal conduit and/or armour, resulting in installation and maintenance savings.  

All Belden cable jackets are resistant to sunlight, moisture and vapour penetration.

Key features of Belden’s 300V UL instrumentation cables: 

  • Shielding options including unshielded, overall foil shielded and individually foil shielded/ overall shielded configurations are available
  • Twisted non-shielded pairs and triads provide a minimal diameter allowing greater tray and conduit fill
  • Non-shielded instrumentation pairs may be utilised when recommended by the instrument manufacturer and used in a metallic conduit
  • Overall shields are recommended for use in instrumentation applications where signals are transmitted in excess of 100 millivolts, except in areas where high voltage and current sources create excessive noise interference
  • Exclusive Beldfoil shield with drain wire provides 100% coverage for maximum shield effectiveness
  • Individually shielded pairs or triads with an overall shield are recommended for use in instrumentation applications where optimum noise rejection is required
  • Fully isolated individual pair/triad shields contain a separate drain wire for grounding to provide maximum protection from interference

Belden also protects electronic, instrumentation and control cables with interlocking or continuous armour as well as smooth or corrugated protective metal tapes.

A communication wire is included on all multi-pair/multi triad 1000 and 3000 series part numbers, which consists of a 22 AWG Stranded (7x30) Bare Copper Conductor, and Orange PVC insulation. Custom configurations are also available.

Belden UL 300V instrumentation cables meet all applicable specifications:

  • UL Subject 13
  • UL Subject 2250
  • NEC Article 725 Class 2 & Class 3 Circuits
  • NEC Type PLTC Listed, approved for cable tray use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous areas and non-hazardous areas, cable trays, raceways, conduits and supported by messenger wires
  • Sunlight-resistant
  • Oil-resistant per UL Class 43
  • NEC Type ITC per Article 727
  • UL 1685 (UL 1581) Vertical Tray Flame Test comparable to IEEE 383-1974 (70,000 BTU/hr) Flame Test
  • PVC/PVC constructions are CMG, FT4, IEEE 1202 and IEEE 383-2003 rated and meet the ICEA T-29-520 Flame Test

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