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Belden Introduces New HD Brilliance Broadcast BNC Connectors

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article image Belden's new BNC connectors offer exceptional performance and rock-solid reliability

Belden Australia  announces the launch of a new and innovative selection of Belden Brilliance High Definition (HD) BNC connectors.  

Belden is a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications.    

Designed for use with Belden Brilliance precision video coaxial cables, the new family of BNC connectors offers exceptional performance and rock-solid reliability required by the professional broadcast and audio/video market.  

The BNC connectors also provide better than -20 dB Return Loss performance through 4.5 GHz, exceeding the SMPTE specification requirements.  

The new Belden Brilliance HD Connectors include:

  • 1-Piece BNC Compression Connectors with Optional Patented Locking Feature
  • Optimised 3-Piece BNC Crimp Connectors
  • Connector tools for 1-piece and 3-piece connectors

Key features of Belden HD Brilliance 1-Piece BNC Compression Connectors:  

  • Design eliminates the pin, collar and connector as separate components, providing faster and easier installation
  • Installation takes half the time of traditional 3-piece connectors
  • Excellent holding strength and weather resistance, thanks to internal 360-degree compression rings
  • Non-blind entry ensures that the centre conductor is properly inserted into the centre pin
  • Improved insulation materials (PTFE) help to deliver maximum Return Loss performance  

Key features of HD Brilliance 1-Piece BNC Locking Connectors:  

  • Optional patented screw-on locking collar, which securely aligns the connector and locks the bayonet nut of the BNC in place
  • Patented locking feature delivers superior electrical performance
  • Stabilises and reduces potential movement between the connector and cable to deliver excellent Return Loss performance, exceeding -40dB at 4 GHz  

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