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Belden Classic high quality multi-conductor and paired cables

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Belden Australia  presents the Classic line of high quality, high reliability multi-conductor and paired cables designed to meet or exceed UL standards.

Delivering best-in-class performance for a wide range of industrial, video, sound, security and interconnect applications, the Belden Classic cables are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge (AWG) sizes, insulation materials, shielding configurations and jacketing materials including plenum and high-temperature versions.

Belden meets the demand for highly effective shielding technology with innovative, EMI/RFI protective foil and braid designs such as the patented Beldfoil shield, an aluminium/polyester foil construction that yields a lightweight, strong, flexible and thin shield to provide extra insulation and 100% shield coverage. Beldfoil is ideally suited for multiple-pair, individually shielded audio, communication and data cables.

Belden Classic multi-conductor and paired cables are manufactured in ISO-certified, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with assured quality built into every product. Precise diameter control of insulation and jacket diameters and concentric wall thickness assure fast, reliable manufacturing in high-speed automated equipment, and ease of termination and assembly in the field.

Belden Classic multi-conductor and paired cables deliver low voltage analogue data signals within enclosures from controllers and I/Os to devices such as temperature and pressure sensors, relays, valves, meters, thermocouples, solenoids, actuators, contacts, push buttons and alarms. The cables also find application in computers, communications, instrumentation, sound, control, audio and data transmission among others.

Key features of Belden Classic multi-conductor and paired cables:

  • Broad line of UL listed NEC and CEC multi-conductor cables
  • Paired cables allow balanced signal transmission resulting in lower crosstalk through common mode rejection
  • Improved noise immunity of twisted pairs permits higher data speeds than traditional multi conductor cables
  • Broad range of AWG sizes, shielding options, conductor and pair counts
  • Polyolefin insulations provide lower capacitance performance when compared to cables with PVC insulations
  • Tefzel, TFE and FEP insulation and jacket constructions offer higher temperature ratings
Applications for Belden Classic cables

  • RS-232, RS-422/423 and RS-485: Computer and CAD/CAM, low speed data communication from microprocessor to device utilising simple commands
  • Control and instrumentation: Analogue signals for machine control
  • Fire alarm/security: Monitoring systems for fire and intrusion
  • Power supply: Low voltage power and control of devices
  • Audio: Analogue signals for system and speaker interconnection
  • Computer/POS: Low speed data for point-of-sale equipment

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