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Belden Australia introduce DataTwist 3600 cables

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Belden Australia  DataTwist 3600 cables in bonded-pair or nonbonded-pair design, offer increased bandwidth for category 6 networks. Belden Australia have introduced DataTwist 3600 cables, a series of UTP copper cables that meet and exceed TIA/EIA requirements and offer headroom for Category 6 installations.

The new cables are designed to support Belden Australia’s Category 6 IBDN System 3600, which delivers high throughput and error-free performance in high-traffic and high-bit-rate applications. Belden Integrated Building Distribution Network (IBDN) is suitable for high density low TCO premise networks.

The DataTwist 3600 cables feature a smaller diameter and increased bandwidth to enable high-density installations. These cables provide transmission characteristics plus a signal-to-noise ratio that can ensure error-free performance in local area networks where noise and interference could be of concern.

The DataTwist 3600 cables are a part of the Belden IBDN System 3600, which delivers 280MHz of usable channel bandwidth while surpassing Category 6 requirements as per the TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 standard. Belden Australia’s DataTwist 3600 cables consist of four pairs of 23 AWG insulated copper conductors with a round flexible core construction. Their design incorporates a central spline to provide pair separation and matched conductors on all four pairs for high electrical performance.

Belden DataTwist 3600 cables can be specified in either a nonbonded-pair design or in Belden's bonded-pair design. According to Belden Australia, bonded-pair cables have a robust construction in which the individual conductors are bonded along their longitudinal axis to ensure uniform spacing within each twisted pair.

Belden Australia observe that the construction of bonded-pair cables is a factor in maintaining high performance and cable integrity through the stresses of installation and is key to ensuring that the bandwidth is available for the installation. Bonded-pair cables are suitable for commercial and industrial premises.

Belden Australia note that bonded-pair cables can be deployed in mission-critical data centres, in networks having frequent moves, adds or changes and networks in which electrical noise and interference are high.

Belden Australia’s DataTwist 3600 cables are available in a selection of colours and in plenum or low smoke/zero halogen designs. Both bonded-pair and nonbonded-pair designs offer a small diameter for higher density installation, which is useful for cable runs inside conduit.

Packaging options include spool or spool-in-box, with both featuring a descending sequential marking scheme to show exactly how many cables remain on the spool or in the box. These options enable easy installation and aid in inventory management.

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