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Bel-Ray introduces open gear lubricant for mining

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article image Top producing mines around the world can experience the performance advantages of Bel-Ray Biodegradable Open Gear Lubricant while remaining environmentally conscious

Bel-Ray Company, Inc. introduces a new biodegradable open gear lubricant formulated to deliver reduced wear and superior performance to maximise component life and minimise downtime while adhering to environment-friendly standards. 

Launched for the mining market, the world’s top-producing mines can now experience top-performing lubricants for their draglines and shovels while maintaining critical environment-friendly requirements. Bel-Ray provides a versatile solution to these mining operations by offering the high performance biodegradable open gear lubricants.

The biodegradable open gear lubricant is recommended for draglines, open gears, plain bearings, rollers and rails, propel mechanisms, shovels, dipper sticks and handles, industrial open gears, pins and bushings, and sliding surfaces. The multi-service functions of the biodegradable open gear lubricant allow for a single lubricant to be used for multiple applications.

A biodegradable, semi-fluid, multiservice open gear lubricant for walking draglines and electric rope shovels, Bel-Ray’s solution is based on proprietary renewable base fluids and polymers, in addition to extreme pressure, anti-wear and various task specific additives. By increasing component life, the biodegradable open gear lubricant reduces unscheduled downtime and lost production.

Key benefits of the Bel-Ray’s new biodegradable open gear lubricant in mining operations include ready biodegradability with negligible environmental residue; multiservice functionality in a wide range of applications; reduced consumption for lower lubrication and related costs, including disposal and housekeeping expenses; extreme pressure properties to increase performance; and increased anti-wear capabilities to minimise parts replacement costs, unscheduled downtime, and lost production time.

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