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Rotary vane compressors offered by Becker Air

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Becker Air  offers a wide range of compressors to its customers. The compressors offered by Becker Air include rotary vane compressors, oil-free rotary vane compressors, oil-lubricated screw compressors, side channel blower and radial blowers.

Side channel blower offered by Becker Air generates low-pulsation blast air by use of multi-stage compression. Ideal impeller design of the side channel blower along with curved blades provides the best possible efficiency.

Two-stage single-flow as well as single-stage twin-flow operation with a single impeller is permitted by the separation of the compression chambers on both the sides of the impeller.

Pressure safety valve and intake filter of side channel blower can be integrated as an optional spare in the original design of the sound absorbers. The sound absorbers vary in length for flexibility regarding the available installation space.

The performance data of side channel blowers gets enhanced considerably by the frequency inverter incorporated in the VARIAIR UNIT. The frequency inverter meets the compressor delivery precisely to the requirements of the customer.

The sensorless and original control system by which a constant pressure and volumetric flow is kept ensures steady operation even where differing pressure levels or suction-air rates are demanded.

The incorporated electronic self-protection feature on the side channel blowers offered by Becker Air saves the requirement for expensive accessories such as air discharge sound absorbers or pressure safety valves.

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