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Metal stamping and springs from Bee Engineering

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The various services offered by Bee Engineering include tool room, metal stamping, injection moulding, springs, wire forms and assemblies, laser cutting, bakelite and thermal plastic. Metal stamping facility offered by Bee Engineering provides quality components to a number of industries. The metal stamping facilities include 17 presses in total comprising of 5 tonne to 180 tonne fully automated lines.

The metal stamping facility from Bee Engineering also offers service of assembly to stamped products focusing on full project management. The metal stamping facility operates with the help of the tool room to overcome the tooling problem. Qualified toolmakers are employed to operate metal stamping facility to ensure that tooling is used correctly and all components are manufactured within the specified tolerances.

The various varieties of springs manufactured by Bee Engineering include compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs and constant force springs. Tension springs are available in large variety of ends such as double hooks, single hooks, swivel hooks, extended hooks and hooks on the side. The hooks are related to the design and function of the product.

Torsion springs manufactured by Bee Engineering are available in a wide range that includes double torsion, straight torsion, hinge torsion and shot hook ends. Constant force springs are also known as clock forms, power forms, clock springs or spiral torsion springs. These springs can be produced from a round and steel strip material.

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