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Plastic piping systems and mining hoses from Beaver Mining Supplies

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Beaver Mining Supplies  specialises in the supply of mining hoses and several other mining consumables. These mining hoses and consumables have been specifically designed for mining industry. Diverse range of hose and fittings supplied by Beaver Mining Supplies include adaptors, bellows, elbows, safety clips, clamps, fluid transfer hose, dredge hose, hose reels, hose floats, suction hose, tees, camlocks, air and water hose, buckles, foot valves, hydraulic hose and many others.

Beaver Mining Supplies provides different types of plastic piping systems. Some of the plastic piping systems include ABS pipe systems, compression systems, HDPE piping systems, PVC pipe systems and polypropylene piping systems. Various piping system materials offered by Beaver Mining Supplies include pipes, backing rings, flanges, PVC pipe systems, compression fittings, stub flanges, reducing tees, sweep bends, threaded fittings, white poly pipes and tapping saddles.

Beaver Mining Supplies also provides a diverse range of safety equipment including beacons, boots, clothing, eyewear, eyewashes, face shields, fall protection shields, hard hats, harnesses, storage cabinets, spill containment systems, signage, overalls, rainwear, respirators, lockouts, gloves, goggles and personal lighting.

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