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New dimension in hand protection

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article image Nitrile Kevlar gloves.

BEAVER Sales has launched a hand protection division with a commitment to delivering world’s best practice to the Australian marketplace. At the core is the procurement of the finest quality gloves from around the world.

Beaver’s experts have selected the brands of gloves deemed to be leaders in particular categories or applications. The products are certified to Australian and international standards where applicable.

Beaver is the exclusive Australian distributor for the Midas range of gloves. Midas is a leader in hand protection research and development, setting standards in both design and high tech fabrics/fibres.

The Beaver range is comprehensive, offering general purpose synthetic or leather gloves, chemical resistant gloves, cut resistant gloves, specialty leather or synthetic gloves, and a large variety of disposable gloves.

To assist customers in selecting the most suitable type of glove, Beaver has created SafeSelect.

SafeSelect is a clear, simple website that allows the user to accurately assess the ideal hand protection for particular job requirements.

Gloves are categorised by composition, performance characteristics, industry and application. SafeSelect also provides all relevant certification.

Beaver offers a wide range of leather gloves, made in China, where multiple tanneries and processing plants make high quality and competitively priced gloves from various hides such as cowhide, pigskin, goatskin and sheepskin.

Beaver also stocks the Golden Eagle brand of deerskin gloves. This range of premium work gloves combine the latest technology with the comfort of deerskin.

Beaver’s Ninja range of gloves is the synthetic alternative to leather. The seamless nylon machine knit construction offers flexibility, comfort and versatility across a wide range of applications.

Beaver is also the national licensee for Dyneema in Australia. The Dyneema range offers exceptional protection against cuts and abrasion.

Dyneema is one of many advanced materials offered in the Beaver range. Others such as Kevlar and new highly resistant synthetics are providing customers with greater protection.

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