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Singapore Rubber Plant a Warning for Price Hikes, Says Bear's Tyres

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article image Bear’s Tyre Tracker extends the lifecycle of each tyre

According to Bear's Tyres , the new butyl rubber facility being built in Singapore is in response to the rising demand for tyres in the region.  

Lanxess, a leading synthetic rubber company in the world has brought forward its plans to build a new butyl rubber facility in Singapore.  

The construction of this US$575m plant is being hastened to help serve the rising demand for tyres fuelled by rapid economic growth in countries such as China and India.  

Every single industry is affected by tyre prices, so the importance of maintaining every single tyre has never been clearer.  

Recognised tyre dealerships around Australia serving the transport, logistics, courier, construction and mining sectors are now under greater pressure to provide more than just a simple tyre changeover service.  

Australia's tyre lifecycle management specialist, Bear’s Tyres says that tyres are about to go through a massive price hike, especially considering how much oil, rubber and steel goes into every single wheel.  

Managing Director of Bear’s Tyres, Mr Brad Bearman comments that new-world Asian demand has now hit the global tyre sector and far too many tyre users, particularly those running sizeable fleets haven't considered how this hitherto throwaway commodity can suddenly become a serious economic factor in their operations.   

With China buying up a number of rubber plants in Asia in addition to Lanxess’ investment in Singapore, the strong demand in the region is likely to increase prices dramatically.  

Considering the enormous amount of rubber, oil and steel that goes into the manufacture of each tyre coupled with strong demand, the price of tyres could become really high.  

Mr Bearman adds that now more than ever before, it is economically important to get the most out of every tyre.    

Being an independent tyre dealership that trades with and across all brand-name tyres as well as the generics, Bear’s Tyres has been tracking market shifts in the tyre industry.    

This prompted the company into developing a lifecycle management system, Bear’s Tyre Tracker that provided a key asset to fleet operators.    

Software driving the Bear’s Tyre Tracker gives quantifiable data that puts the power of tyre management into the hands of the actual fleet operator and out of the grip of tyre dealerships.    

While Tyre Tracker software began as a means to compile distances travelled by every single tyre and axle to increase the lifespan of each unit, the tyre management software has evolved into an efficient tool that detects and reports potential maintenance failures so that instant action can be taken before damage is done, therefore greatly expanding the lifecycle of each tyre.    

Mr Bearman also says that tyre dealerships are finding it increasingly difficult to get hold of new stock leading to a situation where demand can easily outstrip supply and force tyre prices to escalate unpredictably.  

Smart fleet operators need to work with an independent system to properly analyse what its requirements are so that a totally transparent system can be put in place to alert and instruct what to do and when to do it.  

Tyre Tracker tyre management software is giving fleet operators a level of total control to completely wipe out potential wastage from every single tyre.  

Bear’s Tyre Tracker is a simple-to-use system, which logs distances and advises rotations and retreading at optimised moments of each tyre’s lifespan.    

Developed in-house by the brand-neutral Bear’s Tyres for national use, the technology enhances tyre life in addition to delivering accurate cost breakdowns for each tyre.

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