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Bear’s Tyre Tracker Helps Airport Trucks Beat the Twists and Turns

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article image Alpha Catering turns its tyres into an asset

Bear's Tyres  is helping a flight catering company based at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith airport to maximise the lifespan of their truck tyres using Bear’s Tyre Tracker.  

Bear’s Tyre Tracker, a specialised tyre lifecycle management software application has been implemented by Alpha Flight Services for their fleet stationed at Sydney's Kingsford Smith airport where their specially designed trucks traverse the tarmac to provide catering services to Emirates flights.  

Known as Bravo units, these 17 vehicles, which have been specially designed and built by Byron GSE are all refrigerated and provide meal replenishments and change-outs for passengers on the Emirates Boeing 777 and A380 Airbus routes between Sydney and the rest of the world.    

Maintenance Coordinator at Alpha Flight Catering, Mr Dale Marsh says that the Bear’s Tyre Tracker implementation has helped the company quantify its tyres and turn them from a costly consumable into a capital asset.  

According to Mr Marsh, the advice provided by the developer of this technology, Mr Brad Bearman of Bear's Tyres also facilitated better understanding for the company about minimising tyre costs and saving dollars in the bargain.  

Mr Marsh says that the twists and turns on the tarmac caused the tyres on their Bravos to wear out very quickly.    

Bear’s Tyre Tracker technology advised them exactly when each tyre had to be rotated, balanced, retreaded and eventually changed.  

The technology enables them to optimise the use of each tyre while extending the lifespan of the rubber with proper tyre management.    

The Bravo trucks are Australian-made and seven of these large units are permanently deployed in a depot beside Alpha's main kitchen located adjacent to the domestic terminals at Sydney airport. 10 vehicles do a lot of their work across the other side of the airport by the control tower.     

Frequency of truck movement is extremely high because the fleet must manage meal replacements for about 25 flights daily between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.    

Mr Marsh comments that including Bear’s Tyre Tracker in their management inventory has made a big difference to how the tyres are managed currently.  

A key benefit of the application is that there is no need to make personal, visual checks on every single tyre anymore.  

Bear’s Tyre Tracker alerts the flight catering company to everything that needs to be done at an optimum moment in the tyre’s timeline, and the staff from Bears Tyres to the rest.    

Bear’s Tyre Tracker offers enhanced visibility into the lifecycle of each tyre from the initial cost of tyre purchase to running costs over its lifetime.

The software turns fleet tyres into a capital asset rather than a costly consumable, giving control of this asset to managers rather than drivers.  

Bear’s Tyre Tracker consolidates all operations and depots under a single umbrella, providing extensive data for the operational end of the business involving tyre choice and maintenance as well as for the administrative end involving accountants and planners too.

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