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Solideal Lifemaster tyres available from Bearcat Tyres

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article image Scott Young with his Case 70XT fitted with Solideal Lifemaster tyres

The Solideal Lifemaster tyres, available from Bearcat Tyres , are constructed with strong side-walls to protect against tears and punctures.

“The tyres I had on my Case 70XT needed replacing after 800 hours” says Scott Young, of Scott’s Bobcat and Excavator Services – Yamba NSW. “I thought that was how long tyres would last, doing the hard slog my machine does.”

Scott Young works mainly with rough road-base levelling and spreading in wet areas, as well as inserting screw piers on construction sites.

“A mate suggested I fit a set of Solideal Lifemaster tyres - he swears by them” said Scott Young. “And I’ve got to tell you I’m stunned by their performance. I’ve done well over 1,000 hours and the tyres are hardly worn. They’ll last another couple of thousand hours easy.”

“When working with screw-piers, the construction site has sharp metal pipes sticking-up out of the ground at the right height to puncture the side-wall of the tyre, In 18 months on Solideal’s, I haven’t had one puncture. With my previous tyres, I carried two spares and needed to use them on a regular basis. The waste of time was crippling. You don’t just change the wheel; you also spend time and money fixing the tyre”

Reliable tyres don’t only give peace of mind, but they add to the safety, comfort and productivity on the job and importantly save money.

“The Lifemaster has such a wide track, which gives greater stability and less slippage in wet conditions. But when it comes down to it: For the few extra dollars I paid for the Solideal’s, by just saving me down-time from one puncture they have paid that back. When I’m on the job, I’m there to make money. Not waste mine and others time by changing tyres.”

Scott Young also operates a Case 430 and a Kubota KX91-3 excavator, all of which he says will run on Solideal Lifemaster tyres. “After my experience with the Lifemaster’s, I’m putting Solideal’s on the other Case and I’m going to try Solideal rubber tracks on the Kubota. I’m a Solideal convert for sure.”

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