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Leopard Hi-Mileage series of rubber tracks from Bearcat Tyres

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article image Bearcat Tyres' Richard Blacker shows-off a new Solideal CTL track

Since launching its Solideal range of rubber tracks in 2001, Bearcat Tyres has continually extended its range. It now offers tracks in various grades and sizes for a wide range of applications.

Leopard Hi-Mileage series is suitable for several jobs around the farm. Developed for a wide variety of machines such as standard tracked farm tractors, harvesters and pull behind trailers, the Solideal Leopard Hi-Mileage series offers the ideal compromise between comfort and traction, both in the field and on the road.

The Leopard Hi-Mileage series is built using high quality steel cords with tried-and-tested rubber compounds, for better resistance to abrasion, tearing and flaking in harsh conditions.

With a positive contact area of 33%, an open centre tread design and more lugs, the Leopard Hi-Mileage series combines a smooth ride, with longer tread life, deeper tread depth and lower ground pressure whilst good traction and cleanout is maintained.

New on the market, the Solideal CTL Tracks provides both traction and floatation for compact track loaders (CTL).

Through years of research and on-site trials, Solideal has developed a tough CTL track. Solideal’s unique Crossfix joints attain maximum strength through a special manufacturing process that knits the heavy-duty steel cables across the joints.

Combine this strength with unique turf friendly non-directional tread design, chunk and tear resistance of natural rubber compounds with self-cleaning hauler step and a versatile hardworking rubber track is a good product that will improve the performance of any track loader.

All Solideal’s rubber tracks are manufactured to ISO9001 standards and offer a range of benefits including uniquely treated metal pieces to ensure unmatched bonding of rubber to steal.

A major advantage of Solideal tracks is that they can be repaired, avoiding the expensive replacement costs required by some other tracks.

Solideal rubber track systems available from Bearcat include the following:

  • Interchangeable track systems – offering the advantages of rubber tracks smooth running, low ground pressure and optimum traction to machines originally supplied with steel
  • Unique anchoring system – manufactured exclusively for outside guiding, offering smooth running, reduced vibration and long life
  • V-Track system – Patented VTS technology, offers smooth running interchangeable track
  • Anti-De-Tracking System – Innovative design and optimised construction make the ADS an effective track retention system available
  • Skid-steer track system – manufactured and designed for tough tracked applications, optimised carcass strength and long lasting tread compounds

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