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Heavy wheel-service truck from Bearcat Tyres

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article image Bearcat Managing Director, Mark Bloxham with the purpose-built heavy wheel-service truck

By developing and building complete mobile tyre changing vehicles, Bearcat Tyres , is on the road to a better tyre and wheel service for the heavy vehicles in the metropolitan and urban industries.

“We identified a segment of our customer base, which cried-out for a fast efficient tyre and wheel change service” said Mark Bloxham, Managing Director, Bearcat Tyres.

“We have aimed this service at container handling, quarry and excavation, building and construction, industries that can’t afford long stoppages or down-time for tyre and wheel maintenance.”

Mark Bloxham first saw the potential for this service when he visited the ConExpo trade show in the US almost three years ago. “I saw the specialised crane-arm and tyre-hand in operation and decided to design a mobile service unit in Australia to incorporate the technology” said Mark.

”It’s been a long time coming, lots of planning and design to configure the most efficient combination of components. We started assembly just on a year ago, took our time and worked out any little bugs.”

An Isuzu 10 tonne truck was used as the base frame, augmented with:

  • An imported crane with tyre-hand able to lift 2,100 kilos
  • A heavy-duty compressor (46CFM @ 175 PSI)
  • Hydraulic 50 tonne jacks
  • Air-over hydraulic porta-power and bead breaker
  • A heavy duty steel body with pull-out drawers and safe storage facilities

a full compliment of workshop tools and last but not least high intensity work lights on the crane and work area, safety beacons and witches cones to secure a safe working zone

The crane arm and the tyre-hand, operated by remote cable or wireless, can be rotated and lifted with such precision, that the wheel can be slipped over the wheel studs without the operator actually touching the wheel. The operator moves in while the wheel is in place and held by the tyre-hand to secure the nuts hydraulically.

The truck is designed to transport the new tyres to an on-site location, quickly change the tyres and remove the discarded tyres in minimum time. It will handle tyres up to 2.8 meters in diameter.

“This service is aimed at essential machinery, that can’t be spared from the workplace. So we offer the on-site service seriously minimising down time, travelling costs and hassles.” said Mark Bloxham.

“We also have an exchange service for most forklifts and construction machinery… wheels and tyres fitted at the workshop and delivered ready to go on site. Saving even more down-time”

The first of the Bearcat units is operates in Sydney; the second in Perth, with one for each capital city planned by the end of the year.

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