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Bearcat Tyres expands range of tracks, tyres

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article image Richard Blacker with a few OTR tyres in Bearcat’s giant range

Bearcat Tyres , an Australian distributor of industrial tyres and tracks, has again expanded its range of industrial tracks and tyres.

“New products are always in development and we recognise the importance of being the industry vanguard,” said Richard Blacker, Bearcat Tyres’ Sales and Marketing Manager.

“While we’ve been suppliers of brands such as Solideal, Arnco and CEAT for many years, we’ve recently added new products to our range which include new off road tyres from Solideal and Duratough.”

Some of the products available now from Bearcat’s range include the following:

Bearcat Tyres’ flagship brand, Solideal’s high quality natural rubber products include skidsteer, earthmover and construction tyres, mini-excavator rubber tracks, OTT (Over The Tyre) rubber tracks, agricultural heavy-duty rubber tracks and pneumatic, resilient and press-on tyres for forklift trucks and industrial trailers.

Added to the Bearcat product range in 2006, the CEAT range from India uses high quality natural rubber for off-road tyres for earthmovers, container forklift trucks, scrapers, heavy duty dump trucks, road graders, excavators, loaders, cranes and road rollers.

Available in various tread patterns, the CEAT range is designed to suit working conditions from mud and swamp to sand, rock, quarries, tarmac and concrete and features improved wear resistance, smoother ride, longer service life and self-cleaning functions.

Arnco Tyre Flatproofing
Pumped into tyres through its valve, Arnco’s patented liquid polyurethane flatproofing polymer replaces all air in the tyre and cures to a soft resilient, synthetic rubber core in 24 hours.

Safety features of Arnco-filled tyres include no tip-over due to sudden tyre blow-outs, better ballast for steep inclines or overload conditions and the potential for tyres or wheels to fail with explosive force is eliminated.

Providing a life two to five times longer than air-filled tyres, Arnco-filled tyres reduce the frequency and cost of repairs and maintenance.

The full range of Duratough of Off-The Road (OTR) tyres cover all aspects of general earthmoving, heavy lifting, construction and mining applications, with built-in durability for rough jobs.

With a reputation throughout the world for toughness and reliability, Duratough OTR steel-belted radial tyres, incorporate only fine steel cord from Belgium and South Korea, rubber solely from Malaysia and carbon from the USA.

Duratough tyres are not only made for initial long wear, but are also designed for re-treading onto their sturdy carcass, so as to expand their full working life.

Bearcat Tyres now produces a range of hard-wearing industrial wheels here in Australia. “The production is very labour intensive, with the wheels being hand welded and with quality control vigilant every step of the way,” says Richard Blacker. “With the weight that some of these wheels carry, you can’t afford to risk wheel collapse due to fatigue.”

Bearcat Tyres has also introduced a wheel safety reporting service for the port handling and mining industries. The wheels are exchanged on heavy industrial machines, such as straddle-lift container cranes.

They are taken to the Bearcat Tyres workshop and tested in adherence to AS 4557-1997 and wheels certified for underground mining to AS 1171-1998, as well as supplying a crack-test report.

Dealer support
With so many products on offer, Bearcat Tyres understands that dealers are unable to keep stock of all tyres all the time. Therefore, Bearcat Tyres has large storage facilities at its Western Sydney head office as well as branches in most capital cities, enabling quick delivery in short possible time.

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