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Arnco Tyre Flatproofing product from Bearcat Tyres

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article image Arnco’s liquid flatproofing polymer, pumped into a tyre through its valve system, replaces all of the air in a tyre and cures to a resilient, synthetic rubber core in 24 hours

Costly and time consuming punctures, caused by spikes, scrap metal, nails and rocks can be a thing of the past for machinery working in mines, construction zones and other harsh industrial environments.

Arnco’s patented liquid polyurethane flatproofing polymer, pumped into a tyre through its valve system, replaces all of the air in a tyre and cures to a soft resilient, synthetic rubber core in 24 hours.

The benefits of flatproofing tyres are extensive, according to Richard Blacker of Arnco distributor Bearcat Tyres . “Tyres filled with Arnco’s flatproofing material, keep on rolling even in the most hazardous conditions,” he said. “Other benefits include increases in productivity, elimination of downtime, maintenance cost savings and so, increased profits.”

Safety features of Arnco-filled tyres include: no tip-overs due to blow-outs; better ballast for steep inclines or overload conditions; readiness for work at a moment’s notice; and the elimination of the potential for tyres or wheels to fail with explosive force.

“In addition,” said Richard, “tyres filled with Arnco flatproofing materials have a life of two to five times longer than air-filled tyres, ensuring full tread life is gained from tyres. The frequency and costs of tyre repairs are drastically reduced and multiple retreading is possible to maximise the service of the tyre carcass.”

Three grades of Arnco Flatproofing are available:

SuperFlex – provides maximum deflection and a ride closest to that of an air-filled tyre. Promising a comfortable ride and reduced driver fatigue, SuperFlex fill also provides a broader footprint for increased traction in soft ground and excellent shock absorbing characteristics, stability and traction.

RePneu – its medium deflection properties and its suitability for most conditions has made RePneu fill a popular all-purpose flatproofing for heavy construction and earthmoving equipment. Providing good heat resistance, this material offers high tear strength, compression and softness.

HeviDuty – minimum deflection and rock-steady stability for larger, slow moving off-road vehicles or those under heavy load. Best suited to aerial lifts, cranes, roof bolters, scalers, scoops and shield haulers, HeviDuty fill is also used widely in steel mills, scrap-yards, land fills, coal mines, factories, construction sites and any other environment considered hazardous to pneumatic tyres.

A series of test results released by Arnco confirms that claims of a softer ride, less damage to equipment and less operator fatigue are well founded. Accelerometer testing compared G forces of Arnco -filled pneumatic tyres, solid rubber cushion tyres and pneumatic tyres when run over obstacles up to 1 ½” in both loaded and unloaded states.

After comparisons, results showed that Arnco’s filled tyres were subjected to less than half the forces experienced by the other in-tyre types of material.

Richard Blacker praised the use of such tests in establishing benchmarks for future cost comparisons. “What tests such as the Accelerometer prove is that there are real benefits available for users and these will be converted into cost savings in the long run.”

“A tyre using Arnco Flatproofing is safe – it will not blow out or explode, and it will also positively influence productivity, as it can keep working once cut until the next programmed maintenance schedule, unlike normal air-filled tyres that would need immediate replacement.”

Arnco tyres are already used worldwide in scrap metal yards, trade waste stations, land fills, mines, construction sites and a range of other harsh environments that would pose a hazard to pneumatic tyres. In Australia they have been readily employed by the mining industry: from underground hard rock and coal mines, to open-cut mines across the country.

Bearcat Tyres has been the Australian distributor for Arnco Tyre Flatproofing since 1987.

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