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BAUMANN Industries has introduced a new generation of high-performance vacuum packaging machine from Tecnosistem Italy, backed by innovative and reliable packaging experience.

The Tecnosistem Mix uses the S7 control system, newly developed by Siemens.

The PLC system reports error warnings in plain words. Furthermore, changing to a new product program is fast and easy just touching the control panel. It is possible to set up to 99 programs.

Thanks to film drive Brushless; you can increase production speed without faults and precision of 0, 01mm (visible on control panel). No maintenance needs, no possible environment damages (dusty, humidity) and maximum flexibility.

Reliable forming and secure sealing

Tecnosistem Mix with vacuum and/or compressed air forming is especially suitable for various types of flexible film. In addition, in case of semi-rigid film, will be installed a sandwich pre-heating plate and shaped hot plug to have a perfect forming and saving on bottom film thickness.

For all safety seals customer require, uniform sealing pressure is assured. Tecnosistem packages stay tight to ensure freshness.

Take air out, seal freshness in

Air extracted is replaced with gas mixture to increase shelf life, preserve the product¹s color, freshness, and attract customers.

Maximum flexibility, low maintenance

Number of innovative improvements makes the Tecnosistem Mix the clear choice.

The Mix's modularity allows you to tailor the system to your needs and requirements. Basic machine¹s widths allow to run film from 220 up to 620mm. Intermediate pieces allow customer to adapt the product loading area to your specifications. There are also different pitch and lengths of cross and longitudinal cutting systems.

Fast film roll and die-set changeovers

Low and upper changeover is easy and fast thanks to pneumatic a reel holder arm managed directly just pushing on the Touch Screen control panel.

Die-set changeover is possible in record time thanks to special system "hinged top" on both forming and sealing stations.

Cross cutting, punching, shaped

Flexible films are cut with a serrated knife which cuts across the film like a guillotine.

With semi-rigid films (adding also Euro-hole punch, if required) we use 3 different kinds:

a) Massive round-corner strip punch

b) Star punch with integrated guillotine cut

c) Contour cutting, to have a shaped packaging according to your product

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