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Automatic resin feeder for hot melt systems

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article image UES automatic resin feeder.

HOT melt granulate was always manually handed, exposing operators to fumes and splashes of hot molten glue...until UES developed equipment which ensures continuous direct transfer of the resin to the tank.

Available through Baumann Industries , the automatic resin feeder substitutes for the cover of the tank. A sensor controls the glue level inside the tank and starts the refill up to the maximum level. A second sensor inside the filling tube avoids overfilling of the tank.

For the conveyance of the resins, the intake socket has to be connected to the raw material tank.

Scope of delivery:

a.. Suction conveyor with air filter

b.. Flexible filling tube (3m)

c.. Control cabinet

d.. Two sensors (filling, overfilling)

e.. Flange fitting to hot melt unit

How UES vacuum conveying works

Materials are drawn to the delivery point through a totally enclosed pipeline, in a clean, contained stream of air generated vacuum pump. No moving parts contact the materials, no dust escapes in to the atmosphere, and no contamination can enter the system.

UES components meet the strictest hygiene standards and are easily disassembled for routine cleaning.

Technical Details:

* Flow rate - 3,5kg/in

* Flow distance - max. 3m vertical

* Power - 230V 50Hz

* Air - 6-10 bar

* Air consumption 8bar/360L per Hr.

* Weight 4kg

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