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Robotic case palletising solutions from Bastian Australia

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article image Robotic case palletisers from Bastian can yield up to 1,200 cycles per hour

Bastian Australia offers an extensive range of material handling solutions, including robotic case palletisers that are capable of yielding more than 1,200 cycles per hour.

Delivering superior performance over alternative palletising methods, each robotic palletiser supplied by Bastian Australia is optimised for rapid point-to-point movement, and features:

  • 4 flexible axes with extended reach capabilities
  • a 360º working envelope; and
  • shorter cycle times to boost performance.

The main boom on these robots is counterweighted to provide soft movements and reduce energy consumption.

A flexible controls package is also provided along with an intuitive user interface, both of which are designed for simplicity and ease of use for operators.

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