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Refrigerated compressed air dryers available from Basil V R Greatrex

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The ColdWave refrigerated compressed air dryers, available in the Australian market through Basil V R Greatrex, keep productivity high and energy use low all year round.

ColdWave hits contaminants hard to provide pure, clean, dry compressed air to improve operations.

Key features:

  • Flows from 800 TO 3,000 SCFM
  • Energy saving emm controller
  • Industry leading long life ColdWave 316SS heat exchangers
  • Large pressure saving flow paths
  • Deliver stable ISO 8573.1 quality class 4 and class 5 pressure dew points
  • Digital evaporator technology offers energy saving advantages over other designs
  • Integral 3 micron cold coalescing filter, with optional cold coalescing oil removal filter
  • Digital control: Precise matching of input energy to system load - no more, no less


Plant maintenance costs are significantly increased when compressed air systems are allowed to operate with high moisture levels. The correct compressed air dryer installed in your compressed air system will dramatically reduce the time and expense spent on fixing pneumatic problems.

Moisture in compressed air systems will cause steel pipes to corrode, leading to increased friction, higher pressure drops and contamination of pneumatic components. Compressed air filters will develop increased pressure drop and need element replacement sooner.

Compressed air dryers can eliminate all of these problems:

The refrigerated compressed air dryer is the commonly used compressed air dryer in use in manufacturing today.

An appropriately sized refrigerated air dryer can lower the pressure dew point, or moisture content, of compressed air to around 3°C. At this level, a well maintained compressed air system without many air leaks should not have any liquid moisture present.

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