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Energy saving membrane dryers from Basil VR Greatrex

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Since 1948, businesses around the globe have relied on Hankinson to deliver energy efficiency and value in meeting their compressed air treatment needs.

The SweepSaver series, available from Basil VR Greatrex , offers a revolutionary point of use alternative for low dewpoint applications.

SweepSaver’s design can align purge flow with air demand for precise dew point control with zero waste.

Key features:

  • Synchronised Digital Purge Control
  • Saves energy
  • Protects membrane fibres from damaging pressure
  • Stops unnecessary wear to your air compressor.
  • Oil Free Air toISO 8573-1 to Class 1.2.1
  • Flows from 0.29 to 139.5 scfm
  • Pressures to 200 psig
  • In-line piping simplifies installation and modular, vertical design frees up floor space
  • Robust aluminium housings and epoxy powder coating for durability.
  • Gain control

SweepSaver features Digital Purge Control to help you gain control over wasted energy where process air demands start and stop.

Reduce power costs.

SweepSaver’s Digital Purge Control (DPC) accepts your demand signal to control sweep air (the constant side-stream of dry process gas) only when required, not 24/7. This saves energy and protects membrane fibres from damaging pressure.

Save a bundle

SweepSaver guarantees constant pressure differential that prevents fibre flexing from surges – the leading cause of membrane fibre failure.

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