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Compressed air dewpoint monitor

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article image The DP 300 dewpoint monitor.

THE DP 300 compressed air dewpoint monitor available from Basil VR Greatrex allows users to measure the moisture level of a compressed air system.

Water in compressed air causes many problems including:

* Many parts of the system corroding leading to rust particles in the system and eventual leakage points.

* The lubricating film on moving parts to break leading to erratic production and mechanical faults.

* Bubbles to appear under the surface of spray painted/powder coated items

* Contamination of powders and tablets in the pharmaceutical industry.

* Contamination of food products.

There are several different methods of drying compressed air:

* Refrigerated air dryers having pressure dewpoints of 3°C to 10°C

* Desiccant air dryers having pressure dewpoints of -70°C to -20°C

* Membrane air dryers having pressure dewpoints of -70°C to +10°C

The term "pressure dewpoint" is a measure of how much water is in compressed air. This is measured using a compressed air dewpoint monitor. Low dewpoint has many potential advantages, including:

* Improved and consistent product quality.

* Increased production due to reduced number of breakdowns.

* Reduced energy consumption due to a lower pressure loss caused by leakages and friction.

* Decreased maintenance costs.

The DP 300 monitor is a portable dewpoint monitor that will enable users to:

* Accurately and easily identify the moisture level of a compressed air system at different locations around the plant.

* Accurately monitor the output of a compressed air dryer to ensure that it is performing efficiently.

The DP 300 monitor has a built in display and can measure the dewpoint in °C, relative humidity, and the compressed air temperature. It has a rechargeable battery and comes ready to use.

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