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Bekokat available from Basil V R Greatrex

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Bekokat continues to set new standards in compressed-air conditioning, providing top quality, oil free compressed air.

Conventional compressed-air treatment has technical and economic limits, especially with highly sensitive applications.

Bekokat, available from Basil V R Greatrex Australia, realises the possibilities of new technology aligned with a practical, highly reliable implementation.

With a combination of good efficiency and high reliability Bekokat is the optimum solution in compressed air treatment through catalytic oil retention.

Bekokat is a device designed to remove all trace of hydrocarbons, including oils, from compressed air systems. It has particular relevance in the food and medical sectors.

Bekokat proven in successful test:

In April 2007, a Bekokat CC-060 underwent intensive testing at the facilities of the renowned Midland Medical Services Birmingham, UK.

The compressed air was produced using an oil-lubricated compressor. The following values were measured at the outlet:

  • Oxygen 21.1 % v/v
  • Carbon dioxide 410 ppm
  • Carbon monoxide 0 ppm
  • Nitrogen monoxide/dioxide 0 ppm
  • Sulphur dioxide 0 ppm
  • Water 1080 ppm
  • Oil < 0.1 mg/m3


  • Constant, oil-free compressed air
  • Independent of ambient conditions
  • Environmentally friendly; clean oil-free condensate
  • Part-load operation without restriction
  • Fast responding control for absolute process safety
  • Long service life

Bekokat has made the breakthrough in catalytic oil retention, with residual oil content virtually zero. This has significant relevance for industries including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Food beverages and tobacco
  • Medical technology
  • Surface technology
  • Packaging industry

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