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Bekoblizz deep cooling system from Basil V R Greatrex

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The BEKO performance range includes all aspects of economical, safe and ecologically responsible use of compressed air. With their diverse capabilities, all the product families meet the demands from individual components right up to those of a complete large scale system.


Optimised cooling processes with dry, deep cooled compressed air

The challenge:

Capacity bottle-necks, increasing cost pressure and rising quality requirements are all demands which require the modern plant engineering available, both in the high-tech field and in harsh industrial application. In many production processes cooling is often critical.

The solution:

  • Increased economic viability and better quality
  • Bekoblizz is the deep-cooling system which delivers dry compressed air at low temperatures constantly down to below -35°C / -45°C with new technology
  • Bekoblizz reduces cycle times in blow moulding
  • Bekoblizz increases capacity in gas injection moulding
  • Bekoblizz reduces cooling times in rotational moulding
  • Bekoblizz improves surfaces in thermo forming.
The result:

You will considerably speed up and optimise your production processes with the simple integration of Bekoblizz
A particular strength of the system lies in its simplicity
Bekoblizz saves time.

The benefits:

  • Effective reduction of cycle times
  • Increases product quality by even cooling
  • Avoid having to use expensive refrigerants (CO2 or N2)
  • Fully automated
  • Fast pay-back.
The principle is compelling, the technology proven:

Bekoblizz systems from Basil V R Greatrex concentrate compact performance in the small spaces and are still easy to integrate into large scale applications.

  • Intelligent, three-stage system technology for constant performance values in continuous load operation, even with fluctuating operation conditions
  • High performance heat exchangers
  • Electronically controlled self-regulating refrigeration circuits
  • Three-stage compressed air filtering in accordance with ISO 8573
  • Effective compressed air drying
  • Permanent electronic pressure dew point monitoring.
  • The modern SPS controller with plain text display for calling up all operational parameters
  • Self-monitoring electronic BEKOMAT condensate drain
  • Volt-free indicator contacts
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerants
  • Low noise
  • Maximum safety standards
  • Maintenance-friendly plant concept

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