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Basil V R Greatrex introduces new digital manifold

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article image DM-2 Digital Manifold

The DM-2 Digital Manifold from Basil V R Greatrex won the gold award for product design in the 2006 Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News Dealer Design Awards (USA) for the tools category.

Combining a superheat/ subcooling gauge with a charging and testing manifold and temperature gauge, the DM-2 is a must for the serious service technician.

Calibration, calculation, and conversion are automatic, thereby eliminating errors and ensuring that you charge correctly.

The built-in capabilities of the DM-2 Digital Manifold make it low maintenance, accurate, and quick. Many functions are instant and continue to analyse and record up to 24 hours.

The DM-2 Digital Manifold has 32 built in refrigerants.

Key features:

  • Combines superheat and subcooling gauge
  • Has 32 refrigerants built in to service any system
  • Advanced software allows for quick conversions from °F to °C and psi to kPa
  • Gauges are pulsation-proof and accurate as well as automatically calibrating to zero at start up at any elevation up to 16,000 feet
  • Provides maximum, minimum and average values for any display for detailed analysis
  • Colour coded digital display is easy to read and shows high and low side information as well as superheat and subcooling temperatures
  • Auto calibrates to a zero for the elevation each time the manifold is turned on without pressure.
  • Two temperature sensors to measure temperature drop across a cooling coil
  • Heavy duty anodised aluminium body features a sight glass, replaceable intake/ hose holder fittings and JB Industries famous full flow design for faster evacuation
  • Superheat and subcooling temperatures are shown simultaneously
  • Shows low side and high side pressures in two separate displays
  • Instructions are located near the buttons for easy reference

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