Basil V R Greatrex

Founded in 1919, Basil V R Greatrex have been providing a range of engineering products and services that have enabled manufacturers to improve equipment life and reduce maintenance costs. 

Basil V R Greatrex's products are used in every manufacturing industry including: Food, pharmaceutical, packaging, paper, medical, Transport and Mining. 

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Supplier news
16/04/12 - Hankinson are pleased to introduce their new range of heat of compression desiccant air dryers, known as the HCD series. The range is available exclusively from Basil V R Greatrex.
Supplier news
13/04/12 - Hankinson has recently released the HES Series of high capacity refrigerated air dryers, available in Australia exclusively from Basil V R Greatrex
Supplier news
12/04/12 - Europafilter Kidneyloop oil filtration systems, available exclusively from Basil VR Greatrex, have been installed in ferry gearbox compartments in an attempt to resolve operational malfunctions
Supplier news
11/04/12 - Norweigan company StatoilHyrdo installed Europafilter oil filtration units in their compressor trains after they were experiencing operational reliability issues
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