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Bartec Solutions supplies Hydrodynamic multitube barfeeders

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Hydrodynamic multi tube barfeed from Bartec Solutions provides high speed bar rotation with very low noise. Disconnection and reconnection of the rear oil feed tube in the hydrodynamic barfeed is accomplished without total hose withdrawal and there is no unsightly or hazardous oil spills.

Bartec solutions’ hydrodynamic barfeed has the end of the bar trip contained within a hardened forward bush plate and the bar moves on a linear bearing, giving reliable signaling of the bar end to the machine tool control. Guide tubes of the hydrodynamic barfeed are on a common PCD for rapid changes.The main assembly housing the guide tube pack of the hydrodynamic barfeed moves easily on the forward support arm and all the electrics are housed within this forward support arm which can be easily withdrawn as a cartridge.

The hydrodynamic barfeed available from the product range of Bartec Solutions features a custom designed valve controlling the feed pressure and bar movement speed. Oil circulating within the guide tube returns to the tank through a filter unit and the suction element gives maximum protection to the pump valves. Bartec Solutions’ hydrodynamic barfeed has a hydraulic pump and motor enclosed within a sound inhibiting cover.

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