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Shock absorbing guard rails now available from Barrier Group

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article image Barrier Group's shock absorbing guard rails feature a self centring design that allows them to absorb impacts without permanent damage

Barrier Group 's shock absorbing guard rails are designed for use anywhere vehicles are manoeuvring at low speeds, and feature a self centring design which means they can take repeated impacts without permanent damage.

Suitable for use in areas such as car parks and warehouses, these guard rails will simply absorb impacts and then return to their original position without any risk of damage to floors.

When hit at or near ground level, they have the ability to shift sideways, and if the impact is higher up, can tilt up to eight degrees, at which point they lock up to provide maximum protection.

Shock absorbing guard rail posts are available in 140mm diameter, in either core drilled in-ground or surface mounted models. Rails are 140mm diameter and available in lengths up to six metres.

Both the posts and rails are manufactured from heavy galvanised steel to ensure maximum durability.

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