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Shock Absorbing Bollards available from Barrier Security Products

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Barrier Security Products  provide distribution and installation services for a range of Shock Absorbing Bollards (S.A.Bs). Barrier Security Products have installed these shock absorbing bollards in a supermarket chain. The supermarket chain had an ongoing problem with damage to fixed assets caused by its large fleet of electric forklifts. Barrier Security Products were approached to develop a solution to the problem of reducing ongoing repair costs and more importantly to improve workplace safety. Damage was caused when moving forklifts impact a fixed asset or fixed barrier which was supposed to protect the asset.

According to Rick Hall, Managing Director and Head of Product Engineering at Barrier Security Products, the majority of damage caused in a warehousing environment was due to the impacts from slow moving vehicles usually below 10kph.

The S.A.B, designed by Barrier Security Products, uses unique design and materials that allow it to absorb the energy caused by low speed impacts. Rick Hall added that an S.A.B. has the ability to do three things when it is hit by a forklift. Firstly, if the impact is low to the ground it can shift sideways by up to 20mm. Secondly, if the impact is high on the bollard it can tilt by up to 8 degrees, at which point it locks up. Alternatively, if the impact is of a glancing or deflecting nature, it has the ability to rotate through 360 degrees. Another benefit of the S.A.B. is its ability to do all these things simultaneously and after impact simply return to its original state.

Six weeks after installing a trial of nine Shock Absorbing Bollards, damage to assets has been minimised. Another benefit is that forklift speed has also decreased in the area where the S.A.Bs have been installed. This is due to improved hazard identification provided by the S.A.Bs and their high visibility. The supermarket chain has increased safety of their work place by ordering seventy more S.A.Bs from Barrier Security Products.

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