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Pedestrians and forklift separation barriers from Barrier Security Products for Coles

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Coles has awarded a contract to Barrier Security Products to ensure safety in the separation of pedestrians and forklifts in seven of their new distribution centres. The contract is to design a capture channel to protect the lower legs or ankles of pedestrians from forklift tines as  forklifts move around the sites. An outwardly facing 200mm high by 6mm thick galvanised channel traps the fork tines and prevents them from deflecting up and into the pedestrian traffic.

The design has a modular design capable of being built and repaired on site without the need for any oxy cutting or welding that uses hand tools for installation or any repair work. The design shows an improvement in overall safety by avoiding the potential safety risk posed by hazardous metalworking equipment. The modular system from Barrier Security Products has also eased repairs and allows Coles to manage the system if required.

The contract with Coles covers seven distribution centres, where six distribution centres were completed and the final distribution centre will be completed by September 2008. Barrier Security Products constantly develops new products and the latest ‘impact absorbing barrier’ has wide applications in logistics industry.

To protect the columns supporting the roofs in the new distribution centres, Barrier Security Products has created the ‘Impact absorbing column protector’. The column protector wraps around the base and protects the steel structural columns from any contacts with forklifts or trolleys. The steel encased, molded silicon buffer absorbs the impact on any column without transferring the impact through to the structure.

Another new product from Barrier Security Products is the ‘Slo-motion Compliance’ speed hump. The Slo-motion compliance is a modular speed control system consisting of independent modules each 250mm long with rounded end caps. The product is made from a high tech ‘Linear Low Density Polyethylene’ with solid colour that will not fade, rot, rust or crack and has built-in prismatic reflectors for enhanced night visibility. It is suitable for car parks, schools, shopping centres, factory complexes or anywhere to control the speed of vehicles.

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