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Height bars from Barrier Group

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Barrier Group Pty Ltd  presents height bars designed to eliminate potential damage to vehicles and property by oversized vehicles entering areas of restricted height.

Available in five standard lengths of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 metres, the suspended height bars come with a suspension chain and hanger assemblies. The height bars are finished in powder coated safety yellow with reflective diagonal stripes, and are clearly marked ‘LOW CLEARANCE’ with the specified height in black letters on a white background.

The height bars can be used at locations where vehicles first enter an undercover area or encounter an overhead obstruction with clearance of (a) 3 metres or less if only cars or light vans are likely to use the facility or (b) 4.6 metres or less in all other areas.

The height bars can be supplied with freestanding surface mount or below ground posts for installation in locations with no existing supporting structure.

Key features of Barrier Group’s height bars:

  • Available in five convenient lengths
  • Comes complete with hanger assemblies and chain
  • Powder coated high visibility safety yellow
  • Displays the required clearance
  • Manufactured from durable galvanised steel tube
  • Optional offset hangers available in 2 lengths
  • Can be post mounted for freestanding installations

  • Description: Suspended height bar with hanger assemblies and chains
  • Material: 100 x 50mm galvanised tube with 6mm galvanised chain
  • Length: 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 metres
  • Chain: 6mm galvanised chain 600mm long (2 off)
  • Finish: Safety yellow powder coated over galvanised steel
  • Installation: Masonry anchors to building

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