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Log slitters and trim rewinders from Barr Industries

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Barr Industries  provides a wide range of purpose built machinery such as log slitters, trim rewinders, bench top rewinders, core cutters and automatic foam rewinders.

Log slitters from Barr Industries are designed to slit large rolls of material into narrower rolls easily and precisely. Log slitters are available in three models which range from 230T to 350T log slitters. All models are available with an automatic core grip and automatic lubrication of the blade.

The 230T, 330T and 350T log slitters includes features such as art inverter and variable motor speed which is normally used when a rewinder is mounted behind the slitter. All log slitters can be customised to rewinder, unrewinder and drive to slitting blade.

Trim rewinders from Barr Industries are designed to wind two layers of trim from a printing or slitting machine. The layers are placed into a compact cylinder material which can be readily stored or transported. Trim Rewinders are available in two models which includes TR-400 and TR-600.

Both trim rewinder models can be automatically operated in harmony with the printing press. The trim rewinder has four castor wheels and brakes for easy relocation from site to site.

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