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Wine in a 250ml can

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BAROKES is introducing wine in a can to the Australian market. Vinsafe will offer wine in a convenient single serve, hermetically sealed 250ml can, with a shelf life of up to 5 years.

Vinsafe is a new wine delivery system that incorporates specifically constructed wine, can lining and stabilisation. It is available for wine producers to license.

The global wine market in 2002 was 28,118 million litres and is anticipated to grow. Barokes wine in a can is intended as an alternative introductory bridge for the 'Ready to Drink' (RTD) market as they enter into the more elegant wine market. Barokes wine in a can whilst positioned in the higher end of the volume market is also targeting potential and occasional wine drinkers.

"We are leaving the door open for other wine companies to license our technology" said Managing Director, Greg Stokes.

“That way they can produce their own labels and everyone will benefit."

Barokes wine in a can has been exported to Taiwan and Japan since January 2003 and currently supplies over 200 retail stores in both countries.

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