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Vacuum packers offered by Barnco Sales

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Barnco Sales  offers different types of vacuum packers. Vacuum packers offered by Barnco Sales include CRETEL vacuum packer and VP900S Food Vac VP 900S vacuum packaging machine.

CRETEL vacuum packers offered by Barnco Sales are vacuum packers which have double chambers. The major features of CRETEL vacuum packers include closed housing for improved protection against vermin, dirt and noise pollution, complete construction from stainless steel, oil quality control built-in, soft air included, standard electronic pressure sensor, programmable acc. time or % value, ten standard programs that can also be extended, gas ballast for humid product such as sauce, soup, fish and gas flush which is pre-installed for later activation.

CRETEL vacuum packers also has self diagnostics features by which it is senses thermal relay status, presence of water in oil, loss of parameters. Maintenance according to running hours and flat working surface for sanitation and trouble-free cleaning is also possible through CRETEL vacuum packers. CRETEL vacuum packers also has a welding beam made of stainless steel which is available with individual seal time settings.

Barnco Sales offers FoodVac single chamber machines that are vacuum packaging machines which help in obtaining a high degree of efficiency in the organisation.

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