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Equipment related to food processing industries offered by Barnco Sales

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Every type of equipment related to food processing industries is offered by Barnco Sales . The products offered by Barnco Sales range from assembly line processing machines to hygiene products.

The machinery offered by Barnco Sales include dicers, vacuum packers, dicer samples, cutters, patty makers, vacuum tumblers, production lines, tenderiser, mixers, slicers, mincers, fillers, bandsaws, skinners, injectors and mixer grinders.

Barnco Sales offers Foodlogistik dicers that have been designed for the food processing industry. Foodlogistik dicers offered by Barnco Sales provide the customers a reliable service. There are various models of Foodlogistik dicers available with Barnco Sales such as MS 84.21, MS 84.3, MS 100, MS100.3, MS 120.4 and MS 120.5.

Machines offered by Barnco Sales under the category of Foodlogistik equipment are on the whole equipped with a sickle knife, grid set and four-sided pre-compression. Further, mechanical Guillotine cross knives are fixed on Models MS 120.4 and MS 120.5

There are also some additional options offered with Foodlogistik equipment to choose from such as double, triple or four fold blade. These blades are particularly suited to cut wafer-thin slices. Foodlogistik equipment also includes selecting switch which has a step-by-step or continuous feed operation mode.

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