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Warehouse Minder barcoding software from Barcoding & Data Collection Systems

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Barcoding & Data Collection Systems  specialises in providing different software solutions for barcoding. Warehouse Minder is one such software solution specifically designed to suit barcoding requirements. This software is cost effective, efficient as well as accurate software tool for barcoding. This tool incorporates the latest barcode technology and has been specifically designed to be used for accurate inventory management of small warehouses. The unique advantage of this software tool is that it enables paper-less management.

Warehouse Minder provided by Barcoding & Data Collection Systems is available either for sale or on hire. This software tool is supplied in conjunction with portable barcode laser terminals. These portable barcode laser terminals have rugged as well as lightweight construction. Warehouse Minder is also available with barcode label printer as well as PC or server. This is a complete package system that provides paper-less warehousing in a batch based system. This software tool comprises of a user friendly Windows 98 outlook screen displays.

Warehouse Minder offered by Barcoding & Data Collection Systems helps in the prevention of errors. This software tool provides increase stockturns by enabling higher supply frequency as well as faster putaway and despatching. Some of the unique functions of this software tool include receipting, putaway, transfers, picking, despatch and stocktaking options.

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