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Introduction to photonic technology

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A THREE-day course on photonics will be run in the Bandwidth Foundry laboratories at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney from October 27-29.

This course is aimed at industry professionals and technical staff, who may lack a strong background in optics or physics, but who wish to gain an overview of how this technology is likely to impact upon their own field of work.

The course will consist of lectures to introduce the central principles interspersed with practical demonstrations of photonic device fabrication and characterisation.

Topics will include basic optical principles, light-matter interactions, optical fibres, light sources, detectors, passive and active photonic devices, optical storage media, fabrication and measurement methods, optical networks, optical sensors, instrumentation, and laser safety issues.

Practical demonstrations will include the fabrication of fibre Bragg gratings, the use of standard test equipment for device characterisation.

Participants will perform hands-on exercises covering laser and optical fibre safety, interferometry and optical diffraction, optical fibre handling, stripping, cleaving, splicing, fibre test methods and instrumentation, optical time-domain reflectometry, and device characterisation.

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