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DoAll Structurall Bandsaw bi-metal blades for chip resistance

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article image DoAll StructurAll Bandsaw blade

DoAll Structurall Bandsaw blades, available from Bandsaw Supplies , can be used as bi-metal blades. These blades are available in varying widths of 27mm, 34mm, 41mm, and 54mm.

Various features of DoAll Structurall Bandsaw blades include:

  • Enhanced tooth design
  • Positive rake tooth profile
  • Ground tooth profile
  • Quieter cutting
  • M42 8% cobalt cutting edge
  • Increased strength and chip resistance
  •  Aggressive cutting and lower cutting forces
  •  Smooth chip flow and increased fatigue life 
  •  Prevents vibration 
  •  Better wear resistance
The Doall Bandsaw blade also has increased strength and chip resistance due to the additional tooth support in the profile design.

The DoAll Structurall Bandsaw bi-metal blade, provided by Bandsaw Supplies, will give longer blade life when cutting RHS tubes and rolled sections such as angle iron, channels and structural beams.

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