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Bandsaw Supplies is a prominent sawing products supplier

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Bandsaw Supplies  is a prominent Australian supplier of sawing products, blades, lubricants, machines and spare parts. Bandsaw Supplies is one of the authorised distributors of the DoAll brand of sawing products in Australia. Products supplied under this brand are saw blades, band saws, cutting fluids and material handling products.

Bandsaw Supplies trades thee types of blades namely bi-metal blades, carbon blades and tungsten carbide blades. Bandsaw Supplies’ tungsten carbide blades are of two types namely Straight Set Tooth and Triple Chip Welded Tip. Straight Set Tooth tungsten carbide blades are used for sawing abrasive materials including castings, non-metallic surfaces, forgings and graphite.

The Triple Chip Welded tungsten carbide blades have a unique tooth geometry permitting easier penetration of the cutting edge into even heat resistant alloys.

Bandsaw Supplies’ bi-metal blades are available under several models namely Imperial 101, Invader, Tin Coated Invader, Penetrator 3, Tin coated Penetrator, Silencer 101, Silencer MBP and StructurALL. The Imperial 101 model has an M42 8% cobalt cutting edge and is suitable for cutting cast irons, carbon steels, stainless steel tubing and other tough alloys. The Penetrator models are suitable for cutting materials that are difficult to cut while the Silencer model is suitable for various steel alloys.

Carbon blades from Bandsaw Supplies are available in the Dart mode, which are suitable for non-production sawing purposes on wood, plastic, mild steel and aluminium.

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