Bambach Wires & Cables

Industrial mining, marine EMC, military rubber, specialist cables.


Supplier news
27/03/08 - Bambach Wires & Cables provides comprehensive range of cables including marine cables, neon cables, automotive cables, audio cables and many more. Bamcontrol cables provided by Bambach Wires & Cables uses tinned copper wire conductor and has been spe
Supplier news
26/03/08 - Bambach Wires & Cables provides different types of cables including halogen free industrial safety cables; glass insulated or braided cables, Bamcontrol cables, mining cables and Rubber Powerflex cables.
Supplier news
25/03/08 - Bambach Wires & Cables specialises in providing diverse range of cables including screened VSD cables and submersible cables. Screened VSD cables provided by Bambach Wires & Cables have been specifically designed for applications requiring variable s

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102 Old Pittwater Rd.
NSW 2100
Tel: 02 9938 5622
Fax: 02 9938 3973

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