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Open cooling towers available from Baltimore Aircoil Australia

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article image Open cooling towers cool condensed water loops

Available from Baltimore Aircoil Australia , open cooling towers are a cost effective method of cooling condensed water loops and industrial processes. In operation, the condenser water (or process water) flows directly over the heat transfer surface of the open cooling tower. As air is introduced into the tower, a fraction of this water is evaporated, cooling the remaining water.

Baltimore Aircoil Australia’s engineering and manufacturing processes are certified to ISO:9001. This certification confirms their commitment to their customers, ensuring they receive high quality evaporative cooling equipment, spare parts, and service.

Open cooling towers reject heat from water-cooled systems to the atmosphere. Hot water from the system enters the cooling tower and is distributed over the wet deck (heat transfer surface). Air is pulled through the wet deck, causing a small portion of the water to evaporate. Evaporation removes heat from the remaining water, which is collected in the cold water basin and returned to the system to absorb more heat.

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