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DEVELOPED for the premium catering market in a purpose built factory, Creative Food Solutions French-trimmed hind-quarter lamb shanks received top marks for quality and convenience.

“The versatility is [in preparation] for caterers who don’t have a lot of oven space or stove space,” said Creative Food Solutions GM Peter Cox.

“The ability to have a steamer or water bath to reheat the product is a pretty much a continuation of the cooking process that we use,” he explained.

“Business has been running for 12 months,” Cox told FOOD Magazine.

“It’s been fantastic, with just over 50 products now, we've targeted mainly the food service industry, and the response has been great with a lot of repeat business because the quality of the product is quite high.”

Judges said marketing will pose a challenge in the category, however, all agreed Creative Food Solutions is well established, and offers advantageous processing for the food service industry.

BAC Balticare ’s Dennis Vinski, who sponsored the Meat and Smallgoods Category, said the Awards showcased some innovative products.

“I think it's great, you know, it's good for the food industry, and it's good for ourselves to lift our exposure, being the unsung heroes in the plant, it's great to have the exposure and to have the involvement.”

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