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BALTIMORE Aircoil has introduced a new water conserving product to Australia and New Zealand, the HXI hybrid closed circuit fluid cooler.

The HXI combines three distinct heat transfer sections: a dense finned coil, a bare tube coil, and a wet deck surface. These combined technologies allow the HXI to operate in dry mode, adiabatic mode and wet/dry mode. The combination of sensible, adiabatic, and evaporative heat transfer eliminates any plume which may occur with conventional evaporative cooling equipment. With HXI hybrid fluid coolers, water savings of up to 70% are achievable.

The HXI incorporates the use of evaporative heat transfer during the summer peak. This results in much lower cooling temperatures than can be achieved with conventional air cooled systems. Water savings are achieved throughout the year. At peak conditions in dry/wet operating mode a significant amount of heat is removed by sensible heat transfer. This leads to lower water consumption compared with conventional evaporative cooling. As soon as the heat load and/or the ambient temperature drops, water consumption is further reduced. This reduction is particularly prominent in the adiabatic operating mode and consumption is totally eliminated in the dry operating mode.

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