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Sensor for food applications

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AVAILABLE through Balluff-Leuze , the Proxinox is an ideal sensor for use in the food industry. Each sensor features O-ring seals, stainless housing, epoxy, stainless nut, gold contacts and LED, for use in sensitive and hygienic dairy environments.

Temperature shocks from cleaning or disinfecting are often responsible for leaks in dairy equipment. The Proxinox from Balluff solves this problem with elastic O-rings, which compensate for differing expansion behaviours.

Proxinox sensors are guaranteed to operate reliably under wide temperature ranges.

The sensors are made with a resistant stainless steel housing - they can stand up to daily wear and tear. Gold plated connector contacts eliminate corrosion problems.

Sensors with a hole in the housing for an LED make cleaning more difficult and represent a potential entry point for bacteria. The Proxinox from Balluff has the LED in the transparent moulded connector, completely enclosed and safe.

The connector is moulded and therefore sealed and watertight, with no air space. No internal condensation and no corrosion.

The Proxinox is a single sensor suitable for many cable lengths, which reduces inventory costs and simplifies ordering.

Balluff Proxinox sensors are all IP68, sealed and resistant. This means they can withstand the harsh demands created by essential cleaning processes with high-pressure cleaning equipment.

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