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Retro-reflective photoelectric sensor

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article image Economical sensor detects reliably.

BALLUFF-Leuze the PRK 25 polarised, retro-reflective photoelectric sensor. It reliably detects double-walled objects from coloured glass bottles to paper-thin PET containers. The clear glass sensor is contained in a 27mm x 36mm x 15mm plastic housing.

Reliable detection is ensured on bottle bodies as well as neck. The autocollimation principle used ensures function over the entire operating range from 0m to 2m. A multi-turn potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment allows the sensor to offers adjustment comfort.

Low-impedance push-pull outputs make the sensors very flexible upon connection to the control. The M8 connection variant is available with a circular connector and the M12 is available with circular connector or with a cable.

Integrated active ambient light suppression (A²LS) technology protects the sensor against extraneous light and other interfering influences such as energy-saving lamps. Crosstalk with other optical sensors is also minimised. This results in considerable simplification when incorporating optical sensors in planning and construction, as sensors with increased extraneous light protection can be optimally positioned for their respective functions.

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